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June 03, 2019


Mazama Conditions Update 6-3-19

Conditions update for upper Methow Valley June 3, 2019

First, let me answer everyone's question before it's even asked: The new Goat's Beard building is getting close to being finished.  It won't be much bigger than our current space but it will all be on one level and Rick LeDuc has created a beautiful, rustic looking space with reclaimed beams, corrugated metal, and barn board. However, the entire Mazama Store/Goat's Beard property requires a new septic system that will be installed just west of our new building.  Until that work is finished, we will not be moving into the new space.  My best guess at this point is that we won't move in until the fall.  We're very excited for the new space but are trying to be patient!

OK, now that we've got that out of the way, here's what's going on around here:

  • Goat Peak Lookout is accessible with minimal snow to cross.  Beautiful flowers abound!
  • Hart's Pass can be reached via car but there is still snow on the road to Slate Peak above the Guard Station.  The PCT still has snow but it won't be long before it has melted.
  • Cutthroat Trail is mostly clear of snow to the Lake but you will encounter deep snow hiking to Cutthroat Pass.
  • Blue Lake trail is mostly snow covered and we'd recommend snowshoes.
  • Maple Pass loop trail is snow covered above Lake Ann.  We wouldn't recommend this loop yet but for those adventurous hikers, bring poles, snowshoes, microspikes, and a sense of direction for where the trail is covered in snow.
  • Skiing is pretty limited now but folks are still getting out around WA Pass and on the north side of Slate Peak above Hart's Pass and on the Silverstar Glacier.
  • Alpine climbing on WA Pass is going strong.  All routes are ready for climbing but we recommend an ice axe and/or crampons for the Becky Gully or other steeper approaches.  
  • All of the Goat Wall routes including Flyboys and Prime Rib are in great condition and you can drive to the top to avoid rapelling.  Restless Natives is still seeping water.  Fun Rock, Matrix, Prospector, Europa, and Gate Creek are good to go.  We've also received Bryan Burdo's new Mazama Sport Climbing book!  Check it out here
  • For mountain bikers, check out the new trails at Sun Mountain.  Climb It Lower and Upper, Gobbler's Teaser, Pete's Dragon, Wild Turkey, and Woodpecker are riding great!  Note that Dirty Paws at Virginia Ridge will be logged this summer and will be inaccessible.

We've got an excellent selection of everything you'd need for your outdoor adventure AND for looking great out on the town!  Please stop by and support your local shop - we'd love to hear about your adventures!

And, as usual, feel free to call with questions about conditions - things are changing quickly this time of year!  We're open 8:30-5:30 daily.



April 13, 2019


April 2019 Mazama Conditions Report

Conditions Update for Mazama and the Methow Valley - April 13, 2019

After a lower than normal snow year, we are beginning to see the signs of Spring here in Mazama and the Methow Valley.  Here is the update so you can plan your next visit!

Washington Pass is open from the east to Silverstar Gate.  The road crew have plowed past WA Pass and it is expected that WSDOT may open the North Cascades Hwy by Friday April 19!  It is open for bikers and the curious walkers beyond the gate Friday-Sunday until it opens.

Hart's Pass is plowed to Cache Creek.  There is patchy snow and dirt for the first mile above the parking but there is access to snow up high.

Backcountry skiers can easily access Silverstar Glacier from the gate.  The snow is soft and punchy just above the highway but you can ski from the car.  If the Pass opens on the 19th, the Birthday Tour will be the place to be next weekend.  The snow depth is only 60% of normal so we expect it to melt off quickly this year.  Keep you eye on the temps for solid freezes overnight.


Hiking trails are limited to the lowlands.  Spokane Gulch is open above Mazama and has flowers popping.  Patterson Mountain, Lewis Butte, and Pipestone Canyon are open for hiking too.  It is too early for any trails in the Mountains.

Bikers have a new option on Lewis Butte.  There is a flowy machine built trail from the Riser Lake parking and, if combined with the Riser Lake loop, you have an 8 mile ride with over 1000' of elevation gain.  The Community Trail and Jacks Trail in Mazama are rideable now too.  Bowen and Full Frontal near Lester Rd are dry as are many of the Virginia Ridge trails including Dirty Paws.  Sun Mountain, Buck Mountain, and Rendezvous Basin bike trails are still too snowy.


Climbers will find dry rock at Fun Rock and the Matrix.  Prospector will have some wet routes but much will be dry too.  The Goat Wall is dry and ready for action with the exception of Restless Natives.  Fly Boys continues to see a lot of traffic. Goat Creek Rd is not even close to ready for a shuttle so plan to rappel the routes on Goat Wall.

Some good news on the guidebook front - I've heard from Bryan Burdo that he will print a new version of Mazama Rock with updates to Fun Rock and will include Fly Boys.  It will not have the Matrix or Mazama Granite chapters this go around.  I'm hoping to have copies for sale by the 20th of April!

Give us a call at the shop if you have any specific questions or a report to give us.  509-996-2515.

All of our new Spring products are arriving daily.  We will have an excellent selection of all the clothing, shoes, gear, guidebooks, and maps you need for your next adventure in the Methow Valley!




July 02, 2018


July Conditions Update

Conditions Update for July 2018 - It's time to get out and PLAY!

(Cutthroat Pass)

It's been a long slow melt this spring but I think we can finally say it's time to get up high and enjoy the mountains!  Here is the latest:

  • Harts Pass is clear and you can drive all the way to Slate Peak.  You will encounter some sections of trail with snow but hiking to Windy Pass or Grasshopper Pass is doable.  Flowers to come out soon!
  • Skiing is about done on WA Pass - have to head to Baker or Ranier for best touring.
  • Blue Lake, Cutthroat Lake/Pass are both in good condition with very little snow.
  • Maple Pass has some snow near the top but should not be missed!
  • All of the climbing around Mazama is in great condition.  Flyboys has proven to be very popular and at 18 pitches of 5.9+ it is on the bucket list for lots of visiting climbers.  We have the topo here and all of the beta to get you to the top!
(11yr Old Ethan on the last pitch of Flyboys)
  • Alpine climbing on WA Pass is in prime condition.  Snow has melted out from the Becky Gully and the baby goats will entertain you.  Watch for the new climber's access trail that will begin construction soon!
  • There are several new mountain bike trails at Sun Mountain that have greatly enhanced the riding options in the Valley.  Dirty Paws near Virginia Ridge is fantastic too!  Stop by the GB for more info!
The Goat's Beard is loaded with fantastic gear for climbing and backpacking along with footwear and clothing for every adventure!  We're also getting a new building so expect to see some construction next door!  Hopefully we'll be moving in Spring.  Want to open a pub in our current building?  Put together your business plan and see Rick or Missy LeDuc!
June 08, 2018


Mazama Conditions Report for June 2018

Conditions Report for Upper Methow Valley June 2018

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May 05, 2018


May 2018 in Mazama!

Spring is in full bloom in the Methow Valley!  Here is the conditions report for skiing, biking, hiking, and climbing in Washington's playground!

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December 20, 2017

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Holiday Conditions Update December 2017

The snow finally came!  Here are the details:

Highway 20 is still plowed to Silverstar gate 7 miles west of Mazama.

The high country received between 2-3 feet of snow in the past 2 days and conditions are DEEP!  Backcountry skiers were finding a weak layer within the new storm snow and it was even stepping down to a crust layer.  Avalanches were running naturally as well as skier triggered.  Be sure to read up on the NWAC report and be conservative while these layers settle out. 

Delancy Ridge is accessible from the Silverstar Gate parking and allows for BC skiing without a snowmobile.

All of the Methow Trails in Mazama are now groomed and open with good skate and classic tracks.

Hart's Pass is open and good for snowmobile traffic.

There is some ice forming in Mazama.  The Standard and Gate Creek both have ice as well as the Czech Gully.  I'm not saying its fat and getting climbed a lot but ice is forming and if temps are as forecasted (cold!) this week then we'll be climbing ice for Christmas.

The snow is slow and soft for fat biking at the moment but I'm sure conditions will improve as the compaction increases and temps drop.

The Goat's Beard has everything you need for your winter adventures from the latest AT boots, bindings, skins, beacons, shovels, and the best skis from DPS and Voile.  

Micki has curated an excellent collection of clothing for your everyday wear and great outdoor and nordic apparel.  We have fun new base layers from Kari Traa and all of our Ibex is 25% off!

Stop by or call and we can help plan your winter vacation.

Hours 8-6 Daily starting Friday 12-22




December 16, 2017


December Conditions Update - Get Ready for It!!

While December has not proven to be big on snow so far, things look to be changing!

The forecast is calling for 3-4 feet of snow above 3500' and 6-12" on the valley floor by Tuesday December 19!  Just in time for the holidays!  Here are the details:

Conditions Report for Mazama December 16, 2017

Hwy 20 remains plowed to Silverstar Gate, 7 miles west of Mazama.

Snow depth's at WA Pass have shrunk but the settled base is still skiing pretty well.  Shaded areas out of the wind are skiing the best. 

Delancy Ridge is accessible without a snowmobile and folks have reported good skiing up high on the ridge and the alder at the bottom is navigable.

Hart's Pass also has good skiing although reports say the road is bumpy.

Snow conditions are very stable but be cautious after the next round of snow as a surface hoar layer has been observed low in the valleys as well as well as in at 6000'.

Methow Trails has been doing an amazing job of grooming the little snow we currently have.  Mazama has several trails open including Inn Run, Goat Wall Loop, Flagg Mtn Loop, and the Community Trail to the Freestone.  Things should improve and be expanded with a bit more snow.

Klipchuck campground has been groomed for classic and skate and, although it isn't a long ski, it has great conditions.

Sun Mountain and the Rendezvous both have quality nordic skiing now too.

Snowshoer's can enjoy a tromp through the trees toward Cedar Falls off Hwy 20.

We've got something for everyone on your list this season from beautiful clothing to the latest backcountry ski gear.  Stop by the Goat's Beard for what you need this winter season.


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