March 13, 2016


Spring Is Coming But It's Still Winter Up High

While you may see melting snow in the Methow and trees and flowers budding in Seattle, we are skiing amazing powder in winter conditions above 5,500' on WA Pass!  Here are the details:
  • Highway 20 is still closed at the Early Winters Gate.  A snowmobile is still required to get up the highway.  Snow on the highway is still deep from the bottom but is pretty bumpy.  Slide paths above Cutthroat are negotiable without too much difficulty including those below the Spires.
  • Skiers will want to get above 5,500' to find quality snow conditions.  Below that point you will find a mix of sun and rain crusts or glonch.
  • WSDOT has said they will begin snow removal from the highway on March 22.  If that comes to pass, skiers will no longer be able to sled up the highway although it will provide quick access to skiing from Silver Star gate and below.
  • Goat Creek Road is melting fast but you can still sled up towards Goat Peak and points north.
  • Harts Pass Road is still snow covered from the Lost River bridge and very "whooped"
  • I think we can safely say that lowland/front country skiing is done for the year - too much rain and sun to find quality skiing down low.
  • Methow Trails will continue to groom the Nordic trails through the end of March.  Coverage is good and conditions are fast for skating on mornings when it is below freezing and classic skiing is recommended after things warm up.
  • Crags on the valley floor are melting quickly and I think climbers will find sunny and dry rock at the Matrix and other south facing aspects later this week with temps in the 40's-50's!  Might be time for that "winter" ascent of Prime Rib!

As always, give us a call or stop by the Goat's Beard and we can help you find your next adventure.  We will shorten hours to 9-5 Thursday-Monday and will be closed Tuesday-Wednesday starting March 22.  We will return to normal hours when Hwy 20 is opened for the season!

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