July 02, 2018


July Conditions Update

Conditions Update for July 2018 - It's time to get out and PLAY!

(Cutthroat Pass)

It's been a long slow melt this spring but I think we can finally say it's time to get up high and enjoy the mountains!  Here is the latest:

  • Harts Pass is clear and you can drive all the way to Slate Peak.  You will encounter some sections of trail with snow but hiking to Windy Pass or Grasshopper Pass is doable.  Flowers to come out soon!
  • Skiing is about done on WA Pass - have to head to Baker or Ranier for best touring.
  • Blue Lake, Cutthroat Lake/Pass are both in good condition with very little snow.
  • Maple Pass has some snow near the top but should not be missed!
  • All of the climbing around Mazama is in great condition.  Flyboys has proven to be very popular and at 18 pitches of 5.9+ it is on the bucket list for lots of visiting climbers.  We have the topo here and all of the beta to get you to the top!
(11yr Old Ethan on the last pitch of Flyboys)
  • Alpine climbing on WA Pass is in prime condition.  Snow has melted out from the Becky Gully and the baby goats will entertain you.  Watch for the new climber's access trail that will begin construction soon!
  • There are several new mountain bike trails at Sun Mountain that have greatly enhanced the riding options in the Valley.  Dirty Paws near Virginia Ridge is fantastic too!  Stop by the GB for more info!
The Goat's Beard is loaded with fantastic gear for climbing and backpacking along with footwear and clothing for every adventure!  We're also getting a new building so expect to see some construction next door!  Hopefully we'll be moving in Spring.  Want to open a pub in our current building?  Put together your business plan and see Rick or Missy LeDuc!

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